ARE YOU BS BUSY? Why you are not getting anything done and 6 Steps to get you Moving!

SOOOOO…. Here I sit in the dressing room of the Dirty Dancing Intl tour waiting for my beginners call at the Kings Glasgow Theatre. It’s our 4th night here… phenomenal city, beautiful people. Today, I tried apple cider vinegar for the first time in my morning water to remedy my hay fever - healthy Sophia does a happy dance but my taste buds- are giving me side eyes—


… all the while I think about the long journey home to my digs with the 5 thick motivational books I have weighing down my bag; not to mention my camera, tripod and acoustic guitar all of which I need to take back too...Day 2 of “I’m going to practice guitar, make a YouTube Video, and read about LOA in-between my scenes”- has not being successful.

Sounds fun?

In some ways. Looking busy and feeling busy is fun.

But in the same breath the habit being created is harmful.

Feeling as though I am acting upon my desires and somehow growing towards them by carrying around my guitar and books but not actually practicing or reading is not only a waste of time and energy but it digs me in a deep hole called- bullshit. How often do we do this though? We have an idea, a burning desire or something we actually like doing and we KNOW it will benefit us, but because of fear of what people will say, fear of what you will look like (MAJOUR BS),fear of change, laziness (which is just fear in another mask) and … Netflix… (yes I went there- how many hours would you have free if you managed your Netflix time better); we deflect the responsibility off of ourselves but then- cry for pay rises and more exciting live?

Kanye Voice: "How Sway??? How?"

So, what was the real reason for me not actually practicing, reading or filming?

How about- procrastination, insecurity, fear, SHEEP-ERY- all BS

You were not given that desire/ talent/ idea for style, you were given it to USE to get what you want!!!

DECIDE : you have time, you WILL do what you intended to do.

“I don’t have time is the poor man’s excuse”.

But what if you say:

Sophia everything you are saying is sooooo cute right now; but I just don’t have the motivation- I JUST CAN’T BE ASKED.

Okay, let’s look at that at that word “Motivation”

I like the Business dictionary definition of it- which is :

“Internal and external factors that stimulate desire and energy in people to be continually interested and committed to a job, role or subject, or to make an effort to attain a goal.”

Let’s look a little deeper into this. The root word of ‘motivation’ is ‘motive’ which The Oxford dictionary describes as:

A reason for doing something.”


“Producing physical or mechanical motion”

We think of motivation as an internal willing or nudging, but this definition tells me, motivation can be brought about externally too, How? MOVEEE, Exercise, move your body!!!

There has been COUNTLESS studies on the benefits of exercise and the basic principal of- the more exercise you do the more energy/motivation you can have

Our friends at FRESHGIGS did a great article on this, Click on the link below to check it out!

Also check out Lisa Nichols on her powerful talk on “the Art of Action”

Don’t Try to do It…DO IT.

It’s interesting what happens when you decide. When you put that definite mark behind a desire and say- come rain, come thunder, come hail, I WILL. Look at these two sentences from 2 different people about the same thing- being conflicted on whether to order the burger or the salad option (anybody been there?

  1. HOOO MA GAWDD. That Cheese burger looks so good but I probably shouldn’t have it because I am trying to transition to vegetarianism as I am trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

  2. HOOO MA GAWDD. That Cheese burger looks so good but I probably shouldn’t have it because I am transition vegetarianism as I am leading a healthier lifestyle.

  • Do you think each person is concrete and serious in their decision to become a vegetarian?

  • If there is one that appears stronger in their stance to not eat the burger- which one is it?

  • Which of the persons do you think is most likely to end up ordering the cheeseburger?

  • Who do you think is most likely to be swayed by someone else’s opinion to get the cheeseburger?

  • Which person do you think is most likely to become a vegetarian in the long run and who will most probably forget the vegetarian thing and be ordering Domino’s Meat feast pizza by the weekend?

  • What is the real sentiment being said by each statement, what is their truth?

The reason person number 2 appears more resolute in their decision is because they made strong definite statements about their intentions- even when they were tempted to flounder, while person 1 used the word “trying”. The word ‘trying’ gives a negative connotation; The Oxford dictionary describes it as:


make an attempt or effort to do something; use, test, or do (something new or different) in order to see if it is suitable, effective, or pleasant; attempt to contact

The intention is great- it’s an attempt, but that’s all it is… it also suggests a failure and a constant battle to overcome a particular thing. It doesn’t suggest victory even though the intention may be noteworthy. So, if you keep telling yourself that you will “try” to do a thing it suggest maybe you will do it- maybe you don’t. NO.

DECIDE. Are you going to have it or not?

DECIDE, I will keep at it until I get it and


Choose the life you want to live.


For some that may be a weird thought…


I can decide to have bigger boobs, be financially free, have a pet Lion cub named “fee- fee”, the ability to not age, reverse my stretch marks, relocate to Trinidad and attend Carnivals around the world 12 times a year... apart from the age thing and maybe the stretch mark thing … HELL YES you can). You can have it ALL.


But What Does It Take?

Here is a 6 Step guide to get you started:

DECISIONS- The acid to your fears!

If “no” was not an option, if you knew you couldn’t fail, what do you go after?

Write it out clearly and decide to take on you biggest fear- To achieve your wildest dreams.

As you write it, really take it in- breathe it in, then take your time and say it out loud daily.

UNWAVERING FAITH- What champions are made of

Believe that no is NOT an option. If “No” had real power, there would never be a Thomas Edison or a Walt Disney or an Oprah or a JK Rowling.

Whatever you have in your mind as a “reason why you can’t” Kindly wrap it up, and throw it away. It is just your fears wreaking havoc on your imagination. Set yourself free today and release your ‘reasons’.


Decide to not stop until you see it come into fruition. Want to know what that looks like? Thomas Edison at invention 100…at invention 3000… at invention 9999, failing, rolling his shoulders back and starting again!

ACTION- Move Your Booty The thing I have learned about perfection is that it is just a mask for insecurity… FEAR

Think about it… why are you really talking or taking or thinking about what you want day after day after day and not actually DOING anything about it. Most of the time it boils down to:

because you are not sure if:

  • You are good enough/strong enough/smart enough/sexy enough/talented enough/ rich enough to get it

  • You are good enough to receive it.

That’s how I feel about this blog. Always trying to edit it, (notice the word trying) always trying to add something else- until I decided, I am going to release this- I gave myself a deadline and determined in myself- I WILL RELEASE THIS ONTIME COME THUNDER, COME FIRE AND IT WAS GONNA DO A GREAT JOB! (let me know if I did in the comments below)


-And stick to them!!


Success/ attainment/ meeting your desires- it’s all a journey. Know that and accept that. There will be days everything works like clockwork and there will be days you will be wanting to shoot the clock. And that’s okay. Breathe through it, enjoying the victories and the lessons along the way. Be gentle with yourself but also love yourself enough to challenge yourself. We go through challenges so make your journey the best you can by facilitating it through a loving, self-affirming relationship with yourself.

That being said, I have DECIDED to reassess my time and tomorrow I am coming out strong- guitar practice, motivational books and singing videos!


Fresh Gigs- Reasons to Exercise Before Work:

Lisa Nichols- The Art of Action:

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