101 Letters to my Lover is a keepsake letter writing prompt journal for singles that charts your journey from single-hood, to self-discovery, to attracting your soul mate.


Capture a moment in time and gift your future beloved with pure unfiltered expressions of your heart. Actress, Entrepreneur and Author Sophia Mackay’s unique prompted letters does not stop there. With writing topics ranging from:


♥ exploring your values to ♥ ideal date nights to ♥ family and financial to  ♥  intimacy sex and desire;

This journal is an opportunity to dive deeper into self-discovery and get clear about who you are and what you want from love, romance and your relationships. 


Each letter is printed with a unique prompt like:

  • ◆ “When I think of Love I think of…”’
  • ◆ “I promise to you…” 
  • ◆ “If you want to turn me on you should…"
  • ◆ “I want our relationship to be centred around…”


Great gift for birthdays or Singles’ day and would suit newly singles, those who have recently divorced, new couples who have just started dating (a great way to get to know a new partner) and all singles who are ready for love!

Our Love Letter will enhance the quality of your love life and help you attract the love you deserve, it's time to rev up the romance! 


101 Letters to My Lover is a Timeless declaration of your love to your future one and only.

101 Letters To My Lover