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I Will Say It With My Chest

Daily Affirmations for Black Woman

Feeling stuck, drained or trapped by other peoples expectations? Ready to take your life to the next level? Rise up Queen- your time is now! Unlock the greatness and Goddess in you! Actress, entrepreneur and affirmation queen Sophia Mackay reminds you that you are black excellence with over 200+ powerful mantras you can say daily to reconnect to the goodness within you and create the life you desire. 

In ‘I Will Say It with My Chest’, you will:
- Strengthen your self-esteem
- Experience the power of positive self-talk
- Learn the habit of affirming yourself daily
- Take control of your destiny.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or if you are ready for that life upgrade, this book packs a powerful punch to limiting beliefs and serves up a healthy dose of radical self-affirmation, cultural pride and self-love!

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